Measuring and Fitting Guidelines

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Measuring your dog for the Wonder Walker™ Body Halter©.

Measuring the Girth

Measuring the Girth

Measure around your dog following the dotted line. Use this measurement to chose the correct size for your dog. If your dog is close to the upper limits of one size, choose the larger size.

Chest measurements are normally about half of the dog’s girth measurement. If your dog is much wider or narrower through the chest, you may want to contact us to see if the regular size Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© will fit correctly. We can adjust the fit by making adjustments to fit your dogs measurements before we mail your Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© to you.

Please choose the alterations drop down in the shopping cart and indicate how much to add or remove from a strap.

How to adjust for the best fit and performance

Follow the instructions or view the video below.

  1. Start by shortening the colored back straps so the metal slides are next to the triangles. Do not loosen these straps until the girth strap has been let out all the way.
  2. Loosen the chest straps to more than half-way. Let the girth strap out to at least half way.
  3. Slip the colored strap over your dog’s head centering the ring over her shoulder blades.
  4. Buckle the girth strap and check for a snug fit. You should only be able to slip a couple of fingers under the webbing.
  5. The triangles should rest at the top or just over the top of the shoulder muscles. If the triangles are correctly in place, the ring in the chest strap will be resting right above her breastbone. If it drops below, the chest strap may be too loose or the triangles are too low. Don’t let the chest strap hang so it touches of the top of the dog’s legs.
  6. The chest strap should be snug when the dog sits but be able move up and down when standing. Clip your leash to the top of the leash ring and you are ready to go!
  7. If the chest strap is wrapping around to the front of the dog, the girth/back straps are too long. Shorten back straps first, then girth strap before proceeding.
  8. Never rely on a Wonder Walker™ that your dog has used as a chew toy! Send it in for repair. Remember to check the fit and re-tighten straps as needed.
  9. We have found if the chest strap is tight when the dog is standing, your dog may not be comfortable when you ask him to sit. Adjust the chest strap for a snug fit when the dogs is sitting.  By properly fitting the Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© so the ring is above the breast bone and it is not too tight to move up and down slightly when your dog is standing, your dog will be more comfortable and it will perform better for you.
Halter Illustration

Halter Illustration