Wonder Walker™ Body Halter©


We Have Moved! Our new address is 10808 Myers Way South Seattle, WA 98168

If you want to enjoy long walks with your puppy or dog, check our selection of harnesses and leashes. Our goal is to provide equipment that fits well, is easy to use, and is comfortable for your dog to wear. All our products are designed and made in Seattle, Washington.

We are dedicated to providing products that make walks with your dog enjoyable for both of you.

The stores and trainers that carry our products are staffed with experts to ensure a proper fit for all breeds, so your dog may be completely comfortable when wearing our equipment. They are happy to teach you how to check the fit for a lifetime of satisfaction. Watch our fitting video for “Step-by-step” fitting instructions or refer to the brochure that comes with each Wonder Walker™ Body Halter©.

The video below shows Tibby walking first without the Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© and then with one. Watch how easily Tibby is controlled with the Wonder Walker ™ Body Halter©.

We encourage you to purchase our products locally by contacting one of our dog trainers, veterinarians, or retail locations. If you live in an area where we have not established a retail outlet, you may purchase online using our Shopping Cart.

We offer custom color harnesses, custom fitting, and repair services for our products. Email us for a repair or alternation quote or visit our Repairs or Alterations page.

Shipping fees are calculated based on the weight of your order.