Repairs and Alterations

We provide repair services for the Wonder Walker™ Body Halter©. If you find your dog has chewed one or two of the straps or the plastic buckle, send it in for repair. You may prepay your repair costs using the Shopping Cart or send a check for payment with your damaged Wonder Walker™ Body Halter©.

Cuts in the webbing straps often look very clean as some dogs have a scissor bite. In fact some people think the webbing just snapped. A cut from this type of bite may not even appear frayed.

We use soft webbing to make the Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© comfortable for your dog. This webbing is able to withstand thousands of pounds of pressure but is easy for your dog to bite through it.

We Have Moved! Our new address is 10808 Myers Way South Seattle, WA 98168

We will return your repaired harness within three working days from receipt.

We suggest using  a padded bubble mailer. Regular envelopes may tear as they are handled or the postage machines can break the plastic buckle.

We will repair any straps or hardware that is damaged but re-use all other hardware when completing repairs.

If you have another product needing repair, please email us for a quote before mailing it. Some products need to be replaced, they cannot be repaired.

Please clean your harness before sending it in for repair. (Toss it in the wash in a lingerie bag with the towels. Hang to dry – don’t put the harness in the dryer! The heat from the dryer will change the texture of the webbing.)


If you find your Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© does not fit, we will alter the straps for the same cost as a repair. If the straps are too short, let us know how much you would like added to the length. If they are too long, let us know how much you want us to remove.

You may order a new Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© made to your specifications for only $6 more than the regular price at the time you order. Please be very specific to what needs to be changed. There is a note section where you may give us additional information if needed.

Additional Questions please email us here and we will reply to you as soon as possible during normal working hours. (7:00 – 3:30 PST M-F) Phone number is 206-257-4518.

We cannot be responsible for damaged harnesses from wear or dog’s teeth. It also is not always possible to match webbing colors as dye lots vary in webbing even from the same manufacturer.