Sizes and Colors

Please contact one of our Retailers or Trainers to purchase a Wonder Walker™ Body Halter©. However, if you do not live near one of our retail locations or trainers, please use the shopping cart to purchase a Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© and have it mailed to you.

The Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© is available with back straps in the following nineteen different colors:

Light Neon Green, Green, Teal, Turquoise, Light Blue, Blue, Navy, Burgundy, Red, Bright Pink, Pink, Rose, Purple, Brown, Tan, Silver, Pumpkin, Hunter Neon Orange, and Yellow. Click on the chart below to see it full sized.


Seven Sizes Available

The Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© comes in seven different sizes to accommodate small to tall.

These measurements are suggested as guides. Some dogs will need either a larger or smaller size depending on whether they are built deep and or wide in the chest or girth or have a heavy hair coat.







Sizing Guide – Girth Measurements

  • TINY Girth measurement 8 to 14 inches — is made with 3/8″ webbing
  • TOY Girth measurement 13.5 to 17 inches — is made with 3/8″ webbing
  • X-SMALL Girth measurement 18 to 23 inches — is made with 5/8″ webbing
  • SMALL Girth measurement 20 to 28 inches — is made with 3/4″ webbing
  • MEDIUM Girth measurement 25 to 33 inches — is made with 3/4″ webbing or 1″ webbing
  • LARGE Girth measurement 27 to 36 inches — is made with 1″ webbing
  • X-LARGE Girth measurement 30 to 48 inches — is made with 1″ webbing

The girth measurement is found by measuring the dog behind his front legs circling the body of the dog.  Please note the weights are just suggestions. The actual measurement is the best guide for the best fit.

The girth measurement listed for each size is a combination of the girth strap, buckle, and back straps. Please refer to the photo at the bottom of the page to see the different parts.

My dog Isaac is able to wear the X-small size or the Small size. He weighs about 21 pounds. He is the dog in the fitting video. Cruiser wears the X-small size. (I know you cannot see it under all that hair!)  He also weighs about 20 pounds but is not as deep in the chest as Isaac. Max weighs 9 pounds and is wearing a Tiny size in this photo.

Sizes and the Halter