Car Straps

Isaac laying down modeling the Small Car Strap

Isaac laying down modeling the Small Car Strap

Need a fast and easy way to tether your dog in the car?  The Car Strap attaches to your dog’s car harness or to the back ring in the Wonder Walker™ Body Halter©. It allows your dog some freedom to move around in the car but prevents your dog from jumping front the back to the front seat and back again. If you want to limit the amount of movement your dog has, the car strap may be adjusted to a shorter length.

A Car Strap can also prevent your dog from jumping from the bed of a truck, jumping out the car window, or from becoming a projectile in an accident. The strap can also serve as a short emergency leash in a pinch. The straps are adjustable in length allowing your dog to sit, lie down, or stand inside your vehicle.

To avoid injury to your dog’s neck, do not attach to your dog’s collar — only use this with a harness.

Keep your pet safer in the car!

By attaching to the D ring in your harness or ring in the back strap of the Wonder Walker™ Body Halter©, the car strap helps to prevent pets from being injured during an accident. Easy to use. Just thread the seat belt through the loop, click it in place and then attach the snap to the ring on the back of your harness or Wonder Walker™ Body Halter©.

Isaac upright modeling the Small Car Strap

Isaac upright modeling the Small Car Strap

Use this in the rear seat unless the front passenger seat airbag can be disabled. There are five lengths with heavier snaps available in the large and x-large sizes. Choose the strap with a snap capable of withstanding the pressure from the weight of your dog in an accident. Each size is made using a solid brass snap and solid brass slide for more resistance to breakage in an accident. Like the car seats for small children, you should replace the strap if it is involved in an accident. There may be hairline cracks in the snap or slide that you cannot see.

The Petite strap is for small dogs, the x-small and medium for dogs up to 50 pounds. The Large and X-Large straps are for dogs over 50 pounds. The Straps have a solid brass snap and vary in length from 10 inches (petite) to 25 (X-Large) inches. This allows your dog to move freely enough to either sit or lie down comfortably.

The car strap is designed to work in conjunction with your harness to control your dog’s movement within your car. While it cannot guarantee your dog will not be hurt in an accident, it will minimize the chance of them becoming a moving projectile or escaping if the car doors come open during an accident.

If you do not have room for a crate in the car while you are traveling, this will help control your pet’s movements. You also can leave the windows open without fear of them escaping on a warm day.